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Press Release – VERTIQUL Digital Magazine Publishing Solution

The new VERTIQUL digital publishing solution and magazine editions software platform announcement

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Vertical Magazine Editions

The Vertical Screen Orientation Future of Digital Magazine Media Publishing

Whether it is a print or digital only magazine, we take your issue and re-imagine it for a true digital experience.

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Digital Startup

How-To Guide Audience Training Video for Vertical Publications

Training for the publisher's magazine subscribers on how to use modern vertical magazines

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Digital Edition Publishing Platform Innovation: Adding a Digital Magazine “Preview Edition”

A ‘Preview Edition’ is the logical strategic marketing tool for every publisher

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Modern Digital Publications Strategy

Modern Publisher Digital Editions and Publishing Digital Strategy Research

Premium editions for association, business, and niche media publications that allow publishers to leverage other modern data and…

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Digital Publishing Value During the COVID-19 Coronavirus Global Crisis

Publishing Business Strategy Considerations During the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis

This crisis demands publishers assert their role as a trusted source of information and niche communications leaders.

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flip software vs VERTIQUL

Flipping Pages Digital Edition Replica Tools Vs. VERTIQUL Premium Digital Publications

Flipping page digital edition software tools vs the VERTIQUL premium digital publishing solution

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