We built flipping pages digital editions well over a decade ago. Even then, we knew they weren’t the best experience possible.

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Why are publishers and decision makers switching from flipping pages digital edition software?

Branded domain

Unlike flipping pages platforms, VERTIQUL is completely branded to you. Your chosen subdomain is owned by you and visible to create a seamless brand experience for your audience.

Navigation and Quick Access

Easy to use

Let’s face it, flipping pages are just plain hard to use. Pinching and zooming is not how your content should be experienced.

VERTIQUL transforms your print files into a completely responsive version that requires no need for extra work other than a typical user behavior of just scrolling.

Less clutter

Less clutter

With flipping pages, your content and periodical advertising are diminished and cluttered by banner ads.

With VERTIQUL, your periodic advertising is immersed within the issue as well as new revenue capabilities with additional digital advertising offerings.


Bottom line, flipping pages offers a low cost alternative because the experience is representative of that.

The cost to produce your issues with VERTIQUL is returned 3x in the first year if utilizing all the extra advertising and marketing capabilities that allow it to become a revenue generation tool and no longer a cost.

Invest in your digital future

Add vertical editions side-by-side to your current digital magazine and let your audience tell you why they want an improved experience! Once you're on board we produce new issues from your master design files in about a week. We can even start production before your issue is sent to the magazine printer.

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