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Show your membership they are worth the very best digital experience possible and give them the opportunity to interact and enjoy the latest news and updates in an all new digital magazine. Use media embeds like video and podcasts in articles to showcase author and organization insights like no other platform can.

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For those who demand the very best

Membership Value

Associations and Non-profits demonstrate their value to membership using their communications. The periodic magazine and newsletter for organizations to the high impact & high signal content that most engages members.

membership value
out of the inbox

Out of the Inbox

A digital publication gets members out of their email inbox to a branded association or organizational site that remove the 10 second limit most people place on their glance at an email.

Archive Revenue Generation

Organizations have evergreen content archives and when staged as publication issues, the value of access and membership are clear and help reinforce membership renewals and the content and education work performed by the media and communications team.

archive revenue generation
increase conversion

Increase Conversion

Publications are deliverables and a destination for the website! A preview edition of the member-only publication is better than a paywall since it teases the entire issue and exposes advertisers that might only be hidden to members. Preview editions increase member conversion subscriptions/signups.

Sponsorship Revenue Generation

If sponsorships or advertising is included in the publication, the digital publication production includes add-ons for ad enhancements that actually generate significant revenue for the association and turn the digital into a revenue tool beyond cutting back on print costs.

sponsorship revenue generation


Full Service Production

Full service production means that we produce issues from digital only magazine assets OR the existing master print design files, plus any digital enhancements provided for each issue. We can essentially begin production even before the issue is sent for printer preflight.

Revenue Strategy Enhancements

Our revenue acceleration provides strategic guidance and setup assistance for publishers so they can increase advertising and other digital media revenue avenues that are positioned properly with the existing publication website.

Advertising Accommodation & Enhancements

Unlike the low results due to abandonment for traditional digital editions, VERTIQUL's view-ability for a publishers key advertisers is greatly increased (not to mention digital enhancement capabilities) and fractional ads are also structured for more basic click-through action.

Controlled Access Options

In addition to current and past issues being open access or newsletter subscriber opt-in optimized conversion, subscriber only access control may be added or existing publisher domain access setting can perform authentication control.

Publisher Owns Content

All content on the platform belongs to the publisher. The publisher may request a backup or export of the core content anytime and may keep the platform and existing presentation by maintaining the annual subscriber fee even if production service is discontinued.

Direction and Speed Control

Complete browse speed control means that users can completely control their browse pace. For the rapid issue progression users, this also means they won't stop reading the issue in the first few pages or skip large sections of your important content.

Hosted Platform

The vertical edition issues are hosted and 50,000 monthly views are included in the base service fee.

Publisher Domain Stage

The vertical editions issues are positioned on the publisher domain or sub domain insuring the traffic and branding to the issues is always configured to benefit the publisher and not the digital edition provider.

Invest in your digital future

Add vertical editions side-by-side to your current digital magazine and let your audience tell you why they want an improved experience! Once you're on board we produce new issues from your master design files in about a week. We can even start production before your issue is sent to the magazine printer.

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