A Clearly Better Digital Edition Solution!

For B2B, B2C, association publishing and regional publications- Digital publishing software has evolved from the traditional flipping pages to a responsive cloud-hosted browser based magazine edition solution. Creating full digital publications and preview editions on a branded magazine publishing platform specific to each publication aligns the experience for the audience with the niche. Scrolling provides more precision and page speed velocity control so readers can see more of the issue without pauses for page flip or sliding panels. No pinch and zoom to view tiny text as vertical editions are created for each viewport compared to alternate themes for older technology. Use the live examples to compare the scrollable publications to other digital magazine publishing tools. As a full service platform, our designers perform all the hand based InDesign and PDF file conversion to HTML5 and provide issue marketing assets plus the upgrade enhancements that generate new publishing revenue.

Modern mobile web digital editions provide readers instant access without downloads, apps, or jumping through 3rd party domains and other hoops!  Everything is branded from the publisher to the audience – readers win, and advertisers see better digital edition results!

Designed for a Vertical Presentation

The vertically designed magazine leverages the print magazine style in a digital format that doesn’t look programmatic. We have designed it to flow seamlessly in a vertical format.

Responsive, Device Independent Issue

The responsive cross-platform operating system and device independent presentation mean that users on any desktop or mobile device can view the issue and long form content in one place without separate apps, tools, templates or access points.

Navigation & Quick Access

Table of contents and individual page or section links provide a fully indexed edition structure. In addition to the logical UX control and scroll pace set by the reader, the filmstrip progression adds even more position feedback and quick access control.

Audience Issue Analytics

In addition to Google Premium Analytics tracking for digital editions domain visibility for acquisition, mobile platform, behavior and custom tracking. Got your own tracking or conversion scripts? No problem, we can accommodate 3rd party custom analytics suites or tools!


Direction and Speed Control

Complete browse speed control means that users can completely control their browse pace. For the rapid issue progression users, this also means they won't stop reading the issue in the first few pages or skip large sections of your important content.

Controlled Access Options

In addition to current and past issues being open access or newsletter subscriber opt-in optimized conversion, subscriber only access control may be added or existing publisher domain access setting can perform authentication control.

Advertising Accommodation & Enhancements

Unlike the low results due to abandonment for traditional digital editions, VERTIQUL's view-ability for a publishers key advertisers is greatly increased (not to mention digital enhancement capabilities) and fractional ads are also structured for more basic click-through action.

Full Service Production

Full service production means that we produce issues from digital only magazine assets OR the existing master print design files, plus any digital enhancements provided for each issue. We can essentially begin production even before the issue is sent for printer preflight.

Publisher Domain Stage

The vertical editions issues are positioned on the publisher domain or sub domain insuring the traffic and branding to the issues is always configured to benefit the publisher and not the digital edition provider.

Revenue Strategy Enhancements

Our revenue acceleration provides strategic guidance and setup assistance for publishers so they can increase advertising and other digital media revenue avenues that are positioned properly with the existing publication website.

Hosted Platform

The vertical edition issues are hosted and 50,000 monthly views are included in the base service fee.

Publisher Owns Content

All content on the platform belongs to the publisher. The publisher may request a backup or export of the core content anytime and may keep the platform and existing presentation by maintaining the annual subscriber fee even if production service is discontinued.

Digital Publication Production Process

Service Tracker Task Opened

A week prior to expected InDesign file upload, the VERTIQUL team confirms production days and files. A more detailed Google sheet collaborative asset tracker is used for digital publications we create without an InDesign file handoff.

Enhancement Review

We begin dialog on any planned issues enhancements for media or advertising/sponsors. Ideas and options are exchanged.

Confirm Issue Go-Live Date & Marketing Assets

The VERTIQUL team confirm the social media and website marketing graphics to be created and included making it easy for publishers to promote their digital publications.

Files Upload & Check-In

A secure high-speed file upload allows for the standard InDesign handoff to occur and the VERTIQUL team checks in assets and confirms the design team has started working on the publication.

Status Update

Typically we share ongoing communication on digital publication service tickets but we also provide a progress update to confirm we're on track for handoff for publisher client review and approval.

Final adjustments and changes

We process any design changes including any editorial corrections and confirm the time for making the publication live.


Frequently asked questions:

What files are required for production?
We use the normal InDesign handoff for the master print layout files or we can convert from Quark.  For digital only publications, a content worksheet and assets delivery process will be provided.

What do you mean by full service?
Nothing is automated. From the print layout files or issue assets, our California based design team works on the full conversion of the issue into the responsive browser based format. Every single layer, element, and content items is purposely placed.

What style and art direction occur for the digital publication?
The decisions about how the content displays on the multiple viewport designs is driven by the original art direction and publication style. Everything is optimized for the digital user experience.  Keeping the UX simple to use is always our objective.

How do we collaborate?
Our service desk tickets mean that we keep your team updated with anything needed for the full service work we’re doing to make the process turnkey for your publishing team.  Enhancement ads and articles for the digital issue as well as opportunities to maximize the landing page and any other conversion experiences are element we perform.  We guide your team on options for these new capabilities.

What are our reporting capabilities?
A foundation of google analytics with event tracking for all ad and other outbound links is tracked and you may provide any other tracking software or platform you wish as each server instance is customized to the publication brand.

Are all hosting and maintenance costs included?
Yes. And while you own the domain and it is setup during the initial publication setup stage to produce the desired SEO and landing page value back to the core domain, the digital publications platform is fully hosted and maintained.  HA high availability hosting configurations are available for client sending over 500,00 digital issues per month or plan to have thousands of readers on the server at the same time and this configuration will be quoted to meet your audience capacity.

Can we add other types of publications in addition to the initial magazine/publication brand?
Yes, each requires a new publication setup fee and configuration. Each series of publications (including the addition of new publication titles, reports, newsletters, textbooks, media-kits, viewbooks) or other special digital publications requires setup and is configured for a new domain or sub folder landing page structure regardless of one-time publication, annual publication, monthly or as frequent as a weekly periodic issues.  Additional publications and their annual hosting+maintenance are discounted.

Do you market and send out the issue email notifications?
Usually No. Unlike many of the traditional digital edition platform vendors that have created cluttered newsstands with other brands we let our publisher client send their digital issue to their audiences with their own branded email workflow and through social channels using their existing social publication process (note: we do create each issue promotion graphics for your emails, website, and social posts.)  The email should be a simple postcard style email that converts the reader to the digital platform where their engagement can be measured.  This allows the publisher to segment and re-send to people that missed the email or haven’t read their issue yet.  However, If you don’t have an existing email platform setup to send out email issue notification links, we will quote the setup of a system that meets your needs.  If needed, we can also perform all the email creative design and setup for each send and email testing so all you need to do is hit the launch email campaign send button.

Is the SEO and domain value publisher centric?
Yes. Since the publisher owns the domain and the seo value backlink for the entire platform points to the publications parent domain (or any other main brand domain) all the seo value is pointed to the publisher brand.

Do our visitor or subscribers need to download apps?
No. Every user is launching a browser based experience from the device they use and can click the same URL from any of their devices.  No apps to install, no downloads, and no flipping pages and pinching and zooming thumbnails on mobile devices.

What’s the difference between preview editions and subscriber only publication access?
For controlled circulation publications where guests can view the full issue we recommend an opt-in form or mechanism on the issue landing page to grow email subscribers or a transition the visitor to the publisher’s existing circulation or fulfillment to “never miss our premium editions – subscribe and view the latest issue.”  For subscriber only publication, the publisher will receive a special URL for the email send to subscribers and the preview edition URL will be located at the main digital publications landing page.  The preview editions give a beautiful overview of the edition but full story articles are changed to become subscriber conversion buttons.  Those links then take visitors to the publisher’s existing subscribe form and once the subscription is complete, the publication website thank you page or existing subscription management system will send the access to the private URL to the new subscriber for immediate access.  Need even more control or redirect for non-authenticated (logged-in) users?  We’re happy to customize this important marketing workflow to best match the publishing business model.

What is the VERTIQUL digital publishing platform cost?
We charge a platform fee for the server instance and domain setup and customization during the setup phase.  Our annual fee covers the ongoing maintenance and support of the platform.  We’re able to make minor content edits every day if needed outside the normal full issue build period.  Each issue is quoted in the service agreement based on layout and design. We invoice the actual issue production fee at the start of design production for every issue and if an issue is larger that the fixed fee price we count additional pages to deter the additional cost.  Special request advertising enhancements and editorial enhancements are typically invoiced after production.

What is required for the initial digital editions platform setup?
We will consult with the publisher to determine the design and audience flow to the issue per the business model and controlled or marketing growth access mentioned above.  This includes appropriate archive access to prior issues produced in another digital vendor process or as PDFs.  The high quality premium digital publications are positioned above the older traditional flip edition format publications and featured for ongoing access and evergreen content value. Everything within the structure and domain configuration is setup including the required privacy policy terms.  We request 30 days for platform configuration, design, and setup and will open separate service tickets to guide the publisher through any options or decisions.  We will even make the DNS changes to confirm proper SSL and setting for the brands and domain.

How do we get started?
Please use our contact us page to tell us about the publication(s) to be upgraded as premium digital publications.  We will schedule a review call and provide you a pricing agreement and confirm we have answered all the questions about our innovative solution.