Training for the publisher’s magazine subscribers on how to use modern vertical magazines. Yes, it’s really this simple to view a vertical publication! No toolbars, no downloads, no apps to install, and no digital newsstand with other flashy publications competing for your audiences attention.

Have you ever arrived at a digital publication and had arrows all over the digital platform screen to tell you how to read the issue.  A lightbox screen with dozens of steps and arrows pointing to the edge of the page flip software tool and additional complexity for having an entire navigation bar of tools to make the process of adjusting the screen flip publishing tool to make the edition readable.  Most of these tools are provided by the magazine printers servicing the publication printing.  They havn’t innovated in over a decade and this is what provides modern publishers such an excellent opportunity to distinguish their publication from competitors.

Our modern digital publishing solutions makes it much easier:

Imagine the simple instructions for your readers, Step 1: Open link on any device, Step 2: Just scroll the issue!


Publishers: You know, that feeling you get when you have completed the full range of cross-platform production for your issue. You’ve taken all the right steps to produce each variant and completed conversion of the issue from your digital edition publishing software or platform. Next you uploaded to your iOS App and Android Google Play Stores where you’ve already struggled with branding concerns due to 3rd party names and company name on the storefront developer source of the application. Plus, you are now asking your audience to go find another app that houses the digital newsstand for your issues and had to walk them through downloading the reader app. Finally, you have your magazine issue ready to go and completely accessible for those that know the entire steps to get that issue on their mobile device. You picture yourself as your own avid audience member who can’t wait to see the latest issue of your magazine after receiving the notification of the latest issue. You launch into the the app on your device and suddenly you’re presented with beautiful magazine covers of some other magazine that has nothing to do with your b2b purpose in publishing. You are enticed away from the original visit purpose and start down a trail of looking at other magazines the digital platform is promoting.  Or worse yet, you’re interface is cluttered with ads as the publishing platform grapples for any possible monetization of your audience for your discounted usage of their tool. Enough! Of course, the best digital publishing systems provide a direct access link or notification so at least a small part of this scenario can be avoided.

But overall, you as a publisher don’t feel like you’ve put the same experience in front of your readers as you intended when you started your publishing business. What if you could take all the complexity away including the time spent on digital edition conversion?

VERTIQUL is a digital magazine publishing solution where the traditional print page layout is converted into a responsive web edition. Magazine publishers and organizations that utilize digital publications online can begin service and we convert the Adobe InDesign based files. Each digital edition is art and creative directed to maintain the original style hand crafted layout for web to distinguish the publication from programmatically generated or tiled feed flow UX. As a full service solution, not only are each of the issues produced for you, the digital editions platform is branded completely to your magazine and ready for ongoing issues. It’s a completely hosted & maintained solution but if you choose to end service, your platform and all issues produced can be remain hosted for a fee. You won’t confuse your audience with powered by “VERTIQUL” or a need to explain that the digital publishing vendor has nothing to do with understanding your publishing group and it’s mission to deliver content to readers.

Here’s a design example of the digital edition issue index. You have a short description on the publication landing page to orient users to what they will see after clicking “view issue.” But, our under 10 seconds training video will get more attention and we can ply with ideas on this so your readers will instantly get the simplicity of your new magazine format.

Best of all, the responsive format of each issue preserves the linear reading experience. It’s not just a masonry view of the full stories in the issue, it’s the whole issue including advertising with ad enhancements for new revenue. The entire issue contains content elements, departments, introduction, masthead that make up the deliverable. It’s why we say “Every Issue Matters” and we hope that your content matters enough to make it this simple for your audience.

Go ahead and watch the training video again. Can it get any more simple? We think it’s a completely evolved approach to how people view content today. And with rapid growth of mobile device access to your content it’s certainly a solid approach for upgrading from traditional digital edition tools and apps today! Next, read our publishing solution announcement.