VERTIQUL presents the “Magazine Preview Edition” redefining a key capability and publishing function for the digital era.  The web-based preview digital edition magazines share the entire cover-to-cover issue browsing experience and limit selected full-length feature articles.  These responsive magazine editions become the marketing and social share edition promoted to build awareness, interest, and new subscribers for the magazine brand.

Preview editions allow all the issue advertisers to be seen by the greater brand audience in a format where the preview edition is also growing new converted subscribers!

Digital Magazine Preview Editions

The innovative digital magazine ‘preview edition’ answers the age-old publisher’s dilemma; “How to preview issue content yet retain a premium deliverable for paid or qualified audiences?”

The digital magazine publishing business model also simultaneously exposes all the issue’s advertising to the publisher relevant target audience.  The digital magazine issue is the key deliverable that can be shared socially and via email and mobile web preview editions can be viewed with just one click. Today’s business and consumer audiences already access half their content on mobile devices.  The new cloud based digital edition platform solution eliminates the significant drop-off occurring with traditional digital edition software, 3rd party newsstand apps, or custom app download are required just to evaluate a magazine issue.

A ‘Preview Edition’ is the logical strategic marketing tool for every publisher that wants to preview the content value, aestheticand work put into the periodic magazine issue and still confirm conversion (opt-in controlled list growth) or payment (paid subscribers) for full issue access.

The VERTIQUL publishing solution is focused on full service and simplicity.  ‘No extra publisher work,’ is a key benefit for publisher clients using the premium publishing platform. Every aspect of the production and issue staging for magazine publisher clients is included in the on-going issue production service.

Digital Editions – Magazine Platform Options

VERTIQUL Digital Edition Platform Solution Formats:


Magazine Preview Edition

The preview magazine issue is a marketing edition deliverable. It’s purpose is to gain exposure and interest in the larger publication brand for gaining new opt-in or paid audience.  For readers that want to read beyond the feature story teasers, they are sent to the publisher’s conversion process and may then access the existing full length digital edition.

Full Issue Digital Editions

The logical modern day replacement to the flip style digital edition replicas.  The service includes multiple landing pages for special marketing and premium advertiser revenue and distribution options. Editorial enhancements are also included for video and other media plus long-form treatment and expansion of feature articles.


View a live Preview Edition – Subscribe to view the full issue!

Live Preview Edition – View Here

Modern Digital Preview Edition


The digital edition platform stages all preview issues on the magazine publisher’s domain and is branded to the magazine title not platform provider.  Magazine publishers send their existing print layout Adobe InDesign master design files assets for production conversion or raw content assets for digital only magazine production. Each issue is crafted digitally by hand for an optimized html5 responsive presentation.  The digital publication design team matches original creative style intent with optimized versions of images and web typography to enhance the web based editorial design layout.

Announcing Magazine Preview Digital Editions

Magazine Preview Editions – modern digital publishing! See live examples


“We shouldn’t feel like we’re having a print-world experience forced upon readers when we’re entering a long-term future for digital publications”
– David Blankenship, Founder VERTIQUL & President of Advontemedia Inc.

It’s time to say goodbye to 10 page teaser-to-paywall issues replicas.  Modern digital editions don’t need page flipping effects or complex pinch and zoom thumbnails that frustrate mobile audiences.