Modern era premium digital publications are not a cost when they deliver up to 20X the value of traditional print replica digital experience. Premium accessible and responsive publications are an investment in better engagement results and are just what the audience expects from quality brands today!

Many publishers now see the inevitable future that their brands will lead and always be digital into the future from here forward, regardless of their novelty print version status. Challenging economic conditions mean many publisher are reducing printed publications or choosing to upgrade away from print costs altogether and want this change to have a positive impact on readers.  The print replica as a low cost option turned out to also be a low value approach. The best digital publication is the one that delights the audience on any device without making them download apps or visit an unknown brand.


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Of course, the initial investment in a full service, artfully designed digital publication solution branded to the organization is priced higher than an automated & self-service PDF conversion software using a print replica tool. But the amazing improvement in content marketing value should be put into perspective and context. A beautifully designed digital magazine elevates the impact and results for every reader significantly.

The modern digital publication should be the top engagement tool for periodic content delivery; this includes newsletters, viewbooks, journals, magazines, marketing documents and annual reports. And that’s true even if the brand or organization is represented by the publication from an internal marketing communications perspective and doesn’t even sell advertising to maximize revenue per issue.

Adding revenue value for ad upgrades

In a era where marketers pay up to $20 per new list subscriber and up to $10 to $30 per click for target marketing site visitors, we know that there’s a value in having a reader engaged longer than 5.5 seconds in a busy email inbox. There’s amazing engagement value in modern digital publications as we get people out of the inbox to read the publication in a responsive format online.

The digital publication is the key periodic delivery tool for high value communications content and storytelling experience to audience.  And as more people rely on their own devices for immediate access and to avoid touching physical materials, digital will continue to be the future content delivery vehicle for engagement with audiences.  

Responsive and purposeful art design from the publication printer ready InDesign file plus options to perform editorial layout and design directly from publication assets when removing print costs (printed edition removed)  

Here are the ROI factors that must be considered today. Getting 10 – 20 times better engagement and readership using the leading premium digital solution platform has immediate and long term value return on investment.

Content Communications and Publishing Effort – Your valuable employees spend time creating content and allocated to the important communications role of the organization.  That entire effort (direct team cost and opportunity valuation) is probably an investment far greater than all other costs of the publishing effort.  Seeking a cheap digital display tool or a DIY software isn’t likely going to maximize their time and value for presentation of content to the audience.

Audience perception value – Your readers immediately elevate or devalue their impression of your brand or organization based on the content experience you provide.  An investment in a platform that likely costs less than an intern and yet provides the greatest exposure impact to the organization or company should be valued based on other metrics.

Increase marketing capabilities – Audiences from email or any other digital link location can view a premium digital publication anytime. This major advantage to downloads, flipping pages, pinching and zooming to read means the first point of contact with your digital materials provides the content with accessibility options the reader today demands.

Advertising value – Advertising partners or internal ads and promotions are a valuable aspect to any publication. Delivering information and requesting conversion action to help readers register, signup, and learn more is the deliverable metric that matters.  

Media enhancements – The options to upgrade the digital publication to display videos, more images, and other scripts that collect information or feedback is priceless.

Strategic marketing and distribution capabilities – content that provides long term value and can be adapted and updated on an ongoing basis, which means the entire publishing efforts delivers value well beyond traditional printed media.

The perception of value is immediate. See for yourself on any mobile device in your hands right now with these examples!

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About VERTIQUL compared to traditional flipping page software edition tools

VERTIQUL solution vs. low cost digital editions software AND comparison to the value of saving on printing costs. While a focus may sometimes be the price paid for the platform license tool, a premium digital solution that designs magazine content vertically for a modern reader experience is the right fit for today’s reader. The VERTIQUL solution solves the major challenge digital editions have faced in low cost automated or self service produced PDF conversion tools.  The price of self service digital publishing software compared to a full service solution doesn’t equate the ultimate value presentation.  And while many argue that nothing beats a print publication format, today it’s more important than ever to have digital alternatives. VERTIQUL provide new revenue capabilities for those publishers that are driven from ad revenue.  And going full digital as an alternative to print publications is necessary for many organizations today facing budget pressure to become more efficient.  See the difference: Modern Digital Publications Intro Video

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