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Dear Publisher,

We've worked with magazine publishers for over 12 years, and always knew that digital editions could be better. As mobile demanded vertical orientation, we saw the perfect intersection between how people view periodic content, and the UX required for digital magazines. Don't miss our story to learn more about the inspiration behind VERTIQUL.  Traditional print layout digital editions aren't working for publishers and they aren't making publisher the revenue they need.

#1 Takeaway: The reason you'll choose VERTIQUL beyond beautiful digital presentation is that Our Digital Edition Format Makes You More Money leveraging the work you've already done to create the magazine issue.

Let's deliver greater value to advertisers and the premium content experience users expect now.  Plus, analytics to know more about what readers like and actually read. Contact us today at 1-951-256-4944.  We'll tell you why VERTIQUL is the best way to share every valuable issue and how you can expect the same hand design & style detail in your digital issue, as you put into your own printed layout design!

Thank you!
David Blankenship
Advontemedia President
"Every Issue Matters"

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Vertiqul by Advontemedia listed Trend to Watch in Publishing Executive: The 4 Digital Publishing Trends to Watch in 2017.

2016 Innovation of the Year Finalist

What is a Vertical Edition?

Vertical editions are modern digital magazine editions presented in an efficient, vertical, mobile scrolling content up-and-down format instead of forcing users to slide, click or flip through each page in the old digital edition format.

Beautiful Digital Edition Presentation on Any Device

While publishers have struggled in recent years with digital transformation for their magazine brands, we built a logical modern web editions platform to reach readers across all their mobile devices in any connected location. The digital publishing solution allows magazines to maintain important key print magazine characteristics in a web edition format in a complete full service cloud based solution. The digital editions platform eliminates the many digital publishing software and magazine issue app production workflows typical for publishers that wanted to make their digital magazine compatible for both desktop and tablet and smartphone readers.

Compare VERTIQUL Vs. Traditional Flip Software Platforms

Re-imagined Vertical Design Orientation From Your Print Magazine Layout

Whether it is a print or digital only magazine, we take the existing magazine issue design file and re-imagine it for a true digital experience. No longer are we trying to replicate the physical experience of reading a magazine because we know that doesn't work online. We organize and optimize your magazine content so your readers can truly have a modern experience with scrolling content in a vertical web page top-down content orientation

Print Magazine Conversion to Digital layout

See our Publisher TOUR and LIVE DEMO

The wait is over! Vertical editions make it simple for readers to access a publisher’s magazine issue on any device. And publishers love VERTIQUL because it eliminates the need for low engagement page layout based digital edition software, separate mobile template views, and multiple magazine apps with tedious digital magazine publishing software workflows. Watch our digital editions principal consultant David Blankenship highlight key features of our demo issue now and see a live demo.

  • For Publishers

Add vertical editions side-by-side to your current digital editions and let your audience tell you why they want vertical! Once you're on board we produce new issues from your master design files in about a week. We can even start production before your issue is sent to the magazine printer.


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