When you want the very best version of your digital publication

VERTIQUL devices

Beautiful on Any Device

No apps and no downloads. A modern, premium digital publishing platform branded to your magazine & domain.

Full Service Production

Fully produced by our California based team from your existing publication design files. Just send the notification email or post a link from your site!

A Monetized Approach

Immediate advertiser and audience ROI because your content and advertising actually get seen. New advertising opportunities maximize revenue potential.

VERTIQUL vs. Traditional Flip

Why flip when you can scroll?

One of the main advantages of VERTIQUL is the seamless scrolling functionality, which provides a smooth and uninterrupted reading experience. This sets it apart from other platforms that rely on traditional page flipping, which can be jarring and interrupt the reading flow.

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Compare VERTIQUL Vs. Traditional Flip Software Platforms

Traditional Flip



Unmatched Process

As a full service platform, our designers perform all the custom InDesign and PDF file style conversion to HTML5. Add video, additional images/content or other interactive enhancements including options where our design team performs ad upgrades that generate new publishing revenue for the publication.

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When nothing less than the very best premium digital publication is required for your magazine, brochure, newsletter or report

For innovative business, higher education, and association media publishers, the VERTIQUL digital publishing platform has evolved to become the leading premium user experience digital delivery tool for modern magazines, journals, newsletters and marketing publications. The solution makes traditional flip page edition PDF conversion software apps obsolete.

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Responsive & Independent

No apps, no flipping, no software installs or PDFs to download.

VERTIQUL is a professionally designed responsive, accessible, cloud-hosted, and full service browser based magazine publishing solution created from your existing publication or content. Start immediately with your latest print layout InDesign publication files or have us design the publication from editorial and marketing content assets for digital first or digital only publications.

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Compare VERTIQUL Vs. Traditional Flip Software Platforms

qr codes

Grow Print & Digital!

Use QR codes to instantly launch your digital publications on any mobile device - no apps or downloads.

Use branded QR codes on windows, stickers, postcards, and digital displays to instantly connect people to digital newsletters, magazines, and any other publication or marketing materials. Leverage printed marketing materials and QR codes in the print edition to growth both print and digital distribution!

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The Audience Experience

The wait is over for premium digital magazine experiences on any device! Time to dump multi-channel digital publishing apps and cluttered toolbars, thumbnails, and buttons on flip edition UX interfaces. Vertical editions make it simple for readers to access a publisher’s magazine issue on any device. And publishers love VERTIQUL because it eliminates the need for low engagement page layout based digital edition software, separate mobile template views, and multiple magazine apps with tedious digital magazine publishing software workflows.

Feature Add-On

Accessibility Tools

Digital Magazine Accessibility Tools and Production for ADA & WCAG Compliance

Learn more about our digital publication accessible feature options. Make the upgrade for WCAG 2.1 compatible for requirements of modern association, education, and corporate publications today. Our full service configured, managed, & hosted accessibility software add-on provides an accessibility statement and user option script tools panel for adjustments.

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Laptop with accessibility icons displayed on screen

Invest in your digital future

Add vertical editions side-by-side to your current digital magazine and let your audience tell you why they want an improved experience! Once you're on board we produce new issues from your master design files in about a week. We can even start production before your issue is sent to the magazine printer.

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