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Every issue hand designed as a vertical magazine edition based on your current publication style! Plus, we handle the complete setup of the vertical edition content management system issues platform and rotation to current cover landing pages.

Publisher Value Notice: Our pricing is based on the manual and purposeful design for every issue and we are not an automated digital replica platform like other digital editions on the market today.  In addition, we have included enhancements and additions that allow publishers to immediate make vertical edition issues profitable.  Yet the overwhelming value of this completely new approach is that audiences can actually read the publication without apps, downloads, or the sliding or flipping small thumbnails that has caused such low engagement from the low costs tools on the market today. Our premium services also eliminates all the internal production work so your team can focus on audience and revenue based activities for the brand, organization and niche!


Every Issue Becomes a Marketing Tool
$975 Per Edition* + $ 190/mo. support & maintenance
  • Preview Editions allow subscription based issues to share the full publication without full access to full-length feature content items reserved for subscribers only.
  • A perfect way to convert new subscriptions while previewing editorial content and still displaying advertising and internal promo's to gain subscribers


ADD $1500/mo.
  • Take the path to double your digital audience by 3rd VERTIQUL ISSUE! Full-service marketing and delivery for every digital edition. Plus audience growth tools, web conversion campaigns, email delivery, and even social posts are customized for every issue. A complete digital strategy and service plan - Every Issue!

Digital Delivery

Get VERTIQUL PRO and the marketing team will optimize and perform your entire digital delivery for less than $ .01/per email address OR use your existing email platform - $ 0 additional cost.

*Pricing Estimates Based on 64 Page Issue