Options for every publisher to begin immediately ~ Add full issues and preview edition versions to your digital publishing deliverables today!

Every single content and design element in every issue is hand designed as a vertical magazine edition based on your current publication style! Plus, we handle everything, including the custom branded domain setup and all hosting & maintenance.

Let’s Talk Pricing: Nothing is automated!  VERTIQUL is not comparable to the traditional platform formats which attempt to create responsive browser content or leave the work to the publisher. The difference for the reader experience is significant when comparing those traditional approaches to the process where our designers completely hand build every digital publication from the master InDesign file or from full content assets as digital only publications. 

Digital First Approach

  • Upgrade beyond print with full edition production enhancements elevating the multimedia experience of the digital publication beyond print.
  • Enhancements capabilities in every issue are publisher revenue tools to enhance ads, add video, plus better visitor analytics
  • Editorial enhancements expand images and video or other media to engage modern audiences.

Add Additional Publication Types

  • Add additional discounted publications, marketing documents, weekly or monthly newsletters, annual reports, media-kits, event brochures, viewbooks or custom advertiser publications.
  • ADD-ON Additions Anytime:
  • Accessibility Tools
  • Preview Editions
  • Social Editions

Add Digital Delivery

Deliver the issue URL through your existing email platform or leave issue notification announcement emails to us. We handle the ad upgrades for advertisers so you just focus on selling the premium ads and growing your value to advertisers with a platform they notice is distinctly better than traditional PDF editions or old-school flipping page tools or confusing apps.

*Full service turnkey production rates based on your print layout InDesign or converted Quark files. Going digital only ~ We quote digital publication design for modern digital. Newsletters as small as 6 pages or publications over 200 pages are perfect for this platform.