Print may not be officially dead, but the world is changing and advertiser needs are too. Don’t get left behind.

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Why are publishers and decision makers prioritizing digital over print?

VERTIQUL vs. Printing

Supply chain

Ongoing supply chain issues have created an almost impossible situation for publishers. Many of whom choose VERTIQUL because lead times and cost are just unrealistic if they were to continue to go the traditional route they’ve always known.

With VERTIQUL, there are no such thing as supply chain issues. Your magazine is delivered to your audience within days of when your files are sent.

Advertising budgets

Advertising budgets

Digital advertising allows publishers to reach a much larger audience compared to print advertising. With the widespread use of smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices, more people are consuming content online than ever before.

With VERTIQUL, digital advertising offers publishers greater reach, targeting, flexibility, and measurable ROI compared to print advertising. These factors make offering digital ads and enhancements an attractive option for publishers looking to maximize the impact of their digital publications.

Odd page numbers

Odd page numbers

Trying to fit all of your content into an even page reduces the many design possibilities and forces your designer to make certain decisions to accommodate.

In a VERTIQUL hybrid model, your content and design can land on any page number or even extend to less than half of an additional page. We determine issue price based on print equivalent pages so the only thing you need to focus on is a great deliverable.

Image restrictions

Image and size restrictions

In a printed publication your images need to fit in a box that doesn’t hinder your content or page count. You even have to leave out other great images if they simply won’t fit.

With VERTIQUL, media enhancements allow you to insert all of the images associated with your stories that you had to edit out for print.

Quick fixes

Quick fixes

No more worries about incorrect information or wrong names or even improper semantics for delicate situations after already going to print.

Immediately request an edit to your content and our full service team fixes the incorrect information.

Invest in your digital future

Add vertical editions side-by-side to your current digital magazine and let your audience tell you why they want an improved experience! Once you're on board we produce new issues from your master design files in about a week. We can even start production before your issue is sent to the magazine printer.

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