This is how a former design agency digital editions team transitioned to digital consulting and web design / development expertise while never forgetting what we wanted to achieve with our publisher clients.

As a team, we created the first generation of digital editions in 2005 and by 2010 understood that the print replica format could never transform to the modern magazine. The user static data confirmed that audiences didn’t use the flip editions regardless of how much the interface was decked with table of contents, text versions and translation, and a myriad of other tools meant to allow for engagement, multimedia, and social interactions by the few readers that forged past the edition covers.

The magazine apps filled our phone and tablet screens, yet we stopped reading even after the digital edition providers accommodated our devices with even worse facilitation of the print replica. We knew that each issue notification was a ticket to the old era of publishing destructed into a format that could never survive and the advertisers knew it too.

We decided that Advontemedia would represent a digital media consultancy and established a mission to partner with publishers in developing the right strategy to keep the brand focused on value to the audience. With audience growth and engagement, the software and solutions utilized can always be configured for revenue maximization. We have always weighted the value of content accessibility so the greatest number of niche participants can see the magazine content over monetization of the publishing model by methods that sought to monetize the audience in the absence of a premium business model. We knew the general format the modern and future magazines would take but knew we had to differentiate this experience from the publication website to maintain the periodic and designed issue as the core to the magazine brand.

Yes, both preservation of the unobstructed reading experience and digital design would distinguish the logical and impressive format from programmatic news feed content prevalent in most users daily lives for both social and continuous news. A focus on design meant that the production process would transition certain elements to a more digital appropriate graphic presentation and the overall issue presentation would stand out impressively as a flowing creative work, as well as allow for the expansion of feature content into unique and creative longform and enhanced works.

The final opportunity to compliment the vertical magazine was to provide the issue progress awareness that could also facilitate higher level navigation control, but preserve focus on the linear and fully controlled main issue content panel. In early 2016 all the elements had been constructed and tested, it was time to begin the format we see clearly now has always been right for the strong future of the magazine publishing industry.

We know that as all publishers begin the transition to vertical editions, we will see many existing vendors attempt a programmatic approach to the content display. We understand that while this may offer some small cost efficiency, it’s not a method that produces the one deliverable perfectly designed to delight and impress the reader that will stay with content where they enjoy every engagement opportunity, every issue.

In 2017 we change digital editions for the future of magazine publishing. In 2018, magazine publishers will begin to place greater importance on their delivery of the important deliverable of their brands. Editorial design provides the attention and attraction foundation to achieve engagement on any device.

In 2019 the platform and service have completely been validated by happy customers and their readers who are coming back and engaging with their digital publications. This year we are building case studies to show the world these results and why vertical scrolling publications are the future for preservation of the linear publishing business model. Innovative publishers understand that their growth is no longer dependent on print.

In 2020 the world changed and the pandemic showed everyone the importance of digital communications. In 2021 we’re innovating to confirm even more value to readers and advertisers in a custom branded deliverable that always keeps the publisher communication intent and business model in control of the delivery. Publishers and marketing & communications professionals from the B2B, association media, university and other organizations that demand the very best UX for a creatively designed experience choose VERTIQUL.