How-To for Digital Editions Solution for Publishers

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Digital Engagement Experience Maximization Tips

Forget the limitations of your current tools or process. Consider these best practice tips for what you demand for your audience and advertisers in the platform you want now.



# 1 – Make the Digital Publication Content Experience Wonderful

Subscribers, members, and general audiences know a please and visually engaging experience when they experience it.  A wonderful or poor digital edition reflects immediately and directly on the perception of the publication brand.


# 2 – Stop Making Readers Work for Every Page

Try your digital editions on your own devices ~and picture your reader or advertiser impression.  Is the experience delightful and wonderful? Are you pinching, zooming, and trying to find page edges to advance?  Give them a scrolling experience they control. It’s how they use the internet for most of their other content. 



# 3 – Preview Editions Achieve Results for Upgrade Advertisers

Preview editions should be premium upgrades for those advertisers also upgrading their digital ad units. This strategy can provide double the value and results to advertisers and confirm double or better results over subscriber only exposure to ads.


# 4 – Introduce Responsive & Dynamic Ad Upgrades

Advertisers that enhance their ads for digital stand out from the print layout ads in digital. Plus, and conversion button for double the clickthrough results to landing pages for immediate action and the UTM or tracking to know the lead is from your publication.   Make several upgrades available and use your own media team to sell and work with advertisers for better digital content. 



# 5 – Leverage Editorial Design for Edition Marketing

The design and layout of issue content are perfect tools for content marketing in digital formats – show that cover and those category opener layouts on digital marketing graphics.


# 6 – Adopt a Marketing Workflow to Promote Every Section of the Issue

As you share everyday a new preview edition section of the issue to your social audience (and provide their full issue access link), add current comment blockquotes to these social posts.  This comment feedback cycle at the share source drive growth of the daily posts and encourages engagement and comments where they get interaction results.



# 7 – Customize the Edition to other Delivery Partners

Expand your digital delivery partners including upgraded digital advertisers. Give partners sharing your Full or Preview Editions a landing page to reward them for their content distribution partnerships.  Does your advertiser also have marketing materials, annual reports, or custom publications you can produce on your premium digital platform?



# 8 – Re-Position Digital as a Primary Deliverable

View Digital as a primary engagement channel and not alternative or secondary replica.  Even with a print edition, the digital version contains “place” and “time” convenience for ongoing (not just once) issue delivery.  The digital issue carries more content and premium upgrades not possible in the print offering. Plus, it’s updatable anytime.


# 9 – Make Instant Full Access the Top Conversion Focus

The issue as a deliverable is inherently the best conversion vehicle for new subscribes seeking specific editorial content.  For controlled circulation or paid subscriber/member publications, a Preview Edition has the highest ability to convert someone to opt-in/upgrade to the full edition.


# 10 – Don’t Make it Confusing

If your digital edition offering needs steps, downloads, app installs, configuration or a 5 step tutorial on how to use the interface, you’ve already lost the ability to make the experience wonderful.

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