How-To for Digital Editions Solution for Publishers

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Digital Engagement Experience Maximization Tips

1. View Digital as a primary engagement channel and not alternative.  Even with a print edition, the digital version contains “place” and “time” convenience for multiple deliveries.

2. The design and layout of issue content are perfect tools for content marketing in digital formats – show that cover and those category opener layouts on digital marketing graphics.

3. The issue as a deliverable is inherently a conversion vehicle.  For controlled circulation or paid subscriber/member publications, a Preview Edition has the highest ability to convert someone to opt-in/upgrade to the full edition.

4. Preview editions that are enhanced for full issue preview have all advertisers included. This means advertisers reach your total audience on all digital channels and not just your subscriber list.

5. Advertisers that enhance their ads for digital have a perfect landing page for immediate action – make several upgrades available and use your own media team to sell and work with advertisers for better digital content.  This is an ongoing revenue that benefits both advertiser and your publication.

6. Try your digital editions on your own devices and picture your reader or advertiser impression.  Is the experience delightful and wonderful?  How much more do you read without pinching and zooming or sliding thumbnails?

7. Expand your digital delivery partners including upgraded digital advertisers. (Yes, we have inventory and media kit line items to help you sell more.) Give partners sharing your Full or Preview Editions a landing page to reward them for their content distribution partnerships. (Yes, these are included in VERTIQUL too)

8. Use the label “Premium Edition” of your publication when marketing a fully responsive version of the publication that’s easy to read on any device.  No flipping or apps to download is a major benefit and will get much higher interest in reading your digital edition.

9. Share the digital issue everyday or several times a week on your social media channels with new hashtags and highlight stories from the issue.  People will continue to read.

10. Build comment, reaction, and discussion on the social threads as you share the issue in social media.  Invite readers to share feedback on a specific story/topic and comment on the social thread ~thus leveraging the Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Instagram feed for strong post activity.  (Link your Instagram profile to your website premium editions)

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